After a bachelor's degree and a master degree in cinema in Paris, I worked in the television and cinema for a couple of years. I wrote a science-fiction series Hyper Nuit for FranceTélévision (a popular public TV channel). This work received a financial aid from SACD (société des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques, an organization which assists authors). And I made Jean Rollin: The Stray Dreamer. The film has been presented with success in numerous film festivals in France and internationally. It was released on DVD in Europe and bought by CNC (Centre National du Cinéma - National Cinema Center, a public organization).


Wishing to extend the reflection I started with Jean Rollin, I got on with writing a project about French fantastic cinema. I gave myself the challenge of narrating 100 years of cinema in only 52 minutes. The objective was met, co-produced by Ciné+, A Story of French Fantasy Cinema received selective grants from the CNC as well as Procirep/Angoa!


Now, I have just finished a movie on the musician Jackson C. Frank. Fascinated by his enigmatic and complex figure, I decided to dedicate him my new documentary. It remains of this man only 12 seconds of footage filmed during a concert, about sixty songs and dozens of photos. Thus began a real investigation on this tragic destiny. You can watch it in many festivals around the world.


Amidst Soho’s flourishing folk scene of the mid-60s, Jackson C. Frank released a masterpiece album, produced by fellow American expat Paul Simon. Jackson was close to Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel and was a vital musical influence for so many, like Bert Jansch, Nick Drake, Counting Crows, Graham Coxon, John Mayer and Laura Marling.


However, after the release of his album, he disappeared without a trace. With physical disabilities and severe PTSD as a result of a childhood tragedy, his mental health deteriorated. While absent, his musical influence greatly increased over the years. That’s when a young music fan decided to seek him out.


This film follows in Frank's footsteps to unknot the threads of a unique artist with a dire fate.


A Story of French Fantasy Cinema

From Georges Méliès to Raw by Julia Ducournau, the story of French Fantastic cinema, only on French TV.

Jean Rollin, the Stray Dreamer

Jean Rollin died in December 2010 at the age of 72. This documentary is the portrait of a real artist, the last surrealist, a poet who created his very own dreamworld. A tribute for a unique director, with testimonials from his closest collaborators.